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Sugai Chemical to pursue future
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Message from the President

A Corporation that Contributes to Realizing a Prosperous Society

President, Masaji Nagaoka

We have been satisfying the needs of many customers until now, and have been in business for 90 years in 2018.
Since our founding, we have accumulated the knowledge in sophisticated organic synthesis technology. We are engaged to generate further growth in the functional chemical area, and develop new organic material related to organic EL and healthcare by deepening and advancing the accumulated technology. Furthermore, we gain competitiveness of agrochemical and pharmaceutical area, and provide high quality customer service by emphasizing speed which is essential in business these days.

Our company’s fundamental policy is washite nagarezu , which means “keeping harmonious relations with everyone, but having one’s own ideas so that one will not be swept away by others’ opinions.” Along with this basic policy, we aim to become a company contributes to the realization of affluent human society by harmonizing the global environment and through the manufacturing.
We value your continued support and cooperation in this endeavor.

President, Haruo Takeda