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Sugai Chemical to pursue future
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Message from the President

President, Masaji Nagaoka

Sugai Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. started its history in 1928 as Sugai Chemical Factory. Our first commercially produced products were Para dyes.
Since then, for almost century, Sugai has responded to various individual customer requests from the agrochemical, healthcare and functional chemical industries globally by utilizing our unique chemical and production technologies. As result, Sugai is expert in manufacturing of fine chemicals. Ninety percent of our present revenue is derived from "one product, one customer" basis.
In order to respond well to sophisticated and diversified market needs, we are strengthening the launches of Sugai’s original developed products which can be used and sold to multiple customers.
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is vitally important to Sugai. Our company pledges to continue and strengthen our CSR policy while supplying unique fine chemical products continuously to the market.
We thank you for your continued support.

President, Osamu Noma