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Deep Involvement in EHS

Under the current situation which is that concern over global environmental issues is mounting, we formulated “Corporate EHS Policy” through recognition of importance of consideration for Environment, Health and Safety on our corporate management, and we are carrying out activities for environmental preservation from a broad, long-term view in addition to manufacturing valuable products for society as a chemical company.

Corporate EHS Policy (Environment, Health and Safety)

Sugai Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. emphasizes the safety in the corporate activities and establishes the comprehensive EHS management system to protect the environment and safeguard health and safety of our employees, customers and community.

  1. We will improve EHS management system continuously to achieve our EHS policy.
  2. We will ensure prevention of industrial accident and pollution by complying with applicable legal and other requirements.
  3. We will reduce EHS risk through risk assessment.
  4. We will reduce impact on environment through waste recycling and energy saving.

Sugai Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

Thorough Management over Environment, Public Health and Safety for Society, the Community, and our Employees

Thorough Management over Environmental and Public Health and Safety Management for Society, the Community, and our Employees

We ensure conservation of clean air and water and prevention of nuisance odor in the community around each our factory in Fukui and Wakayama Prefectures, where rich natural environment lies. In addition to this, we are always promoting activities with a conscious awareness of global environmental preservation, and protecting health, safety, and work environment of our employees in all processes of our business activities.

Safety Management System

As a manufacturer that handles chemical materials, we ensure prevention of industrial accidents, safety for employees as well as residents around our site, and environmental preservation. We, all of Sugai, are promoting safety management such as preparation of Safety Data Sheet (SDS), securement of safety during transportation, usage and disposal of products, appropriate management of industrial waste, maintenance of security facilities and pollution control facilities, establishment of emergency management system, and education of safety awareness to our employees.

Environmental management System ISO14001 certification

As part of our efforts on EHS, we have acquired ISO 14001 certification for our environmental management system.

Applicable StandardJJIS Q 14001:2015, ISO 14001:2015
Registration DateDecember 12, 2016
Certification No.JCQA-E-0952
Relevant SectionWakayama Site, Fukui Site,
Fukui Research Institute
Environmental management System ISO14001 certification

Authentication and Integration of International Management System

In order to promote environmental preservation, safety for handling chemicals, industrial health and safety, security and disaster prevention, and quality assurance, we are going to obtain ISO 45001 certification which is international management system for industrial health and safety. Eventually, we are aiming to integrate such management system with ISO 9001 management system for quality assurance and environmental management system ISO14001 which we have already obtained.