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Product Catalog 007

CAS.No. 824-79-3
MITI No. 3-1873
Appearance White powder
Purity(HPLC) 95.0% min.
Package 100L F/D, 50kgs.

CAS.No. 1975-50-4
MITI No. 3-4284
Appearance Slight greenish white powder
Purity(acid-base titration) 99.0% min.
Package 1000L F/C, 375kgs.

CAS.No. 52130-17-3
MITI No. 3-4438
Appearance Slight brown powder
Diazo value 95.0% min.
Package 1000L F/C, 450kgs.

CAS.No. 54788-38-4
Appearance Yellow to slight yellow liquid
Purity(GC) 98.0% min.