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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Sugai Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the  "Company" )  understands that it is our social responsibility to make an effort to protect any personal information acquired through the business activities and has established a privacy policy as follows.

1.Compliance with applicable laws and regulations

The Company shall observe all applicable laws and regulations to handle any personal information in proper manner.

2.Acquisition of personal information

At acquiring any personal information, the Company shall endeavor to identify the purpose of use thereof and then acquire it in lawful and fair manner.

3.Usage of personal information

  1. The Company will use any personal information only necessary to carry out the business activities within the purpose and the rational range identified when acquiring the relevant information.
  2. In case the Company uses any personal information with the third party or entrusts the information management to the third party, the Company will examine the relevant party rigidly and control the use of any personal information in a suitable fashion to be confidential.

4.Provision of personal information to third party

The Company shall never provide any and all personal information to any other third party without obtaining prior consent.

5.Management of personal information

The Company will manage the accuracy and the update of the relevant information safely. The Company shall implement the information security against the inappropriate access and computer virus to prevent any and all personal information from the loss, destruction, alteration and leak. The Company shall never have any personal information leaked by sneaking out of our office.

6.Disclosure, correction, discontinuation, and deletion of personal information

The Company understands that any customer has the right to request us to disclose, make any correction to, discontinue the use of and delete any personal information. Any and all requests from any customer shall quickly be handed in compliant.

7.Organization and system

The Company shall manage any and all personal information appropriately by appointing the person responsible for the protection and management of any personal information.
The Company shall give our directors and employees some trainings about how to protect and manage any personal information properly and ensure that the relevant information is appropriately managed at daily business and also after retirement.

8.Establishment, operation, maintenance and improvement of compliance program toward the protection of personal information

In order to enforce our privacy policy, the Company shall establish our compliance program toward the protection of personal information (including this privacy policy, personal information protection rule and any other rules), operate it by making ourselves understood through the training and the education, and maintain it in the best state by continuous improvement.

Enacted on 1st Apr., 2005