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Pharmaceutical Intermediates and Bulks

Pharmaceutical Intermediates and Bulks

We supply pharmaceutical intermediates to major domestic and overseas pharmaceutical manufacturers.
We are supporting the development of various drugs used in the forefront of medical treatment, such as Tranquilizer, Antiasthmatic agent, and Antihypertensive agent. On the one hand, we are carrying out our own research activities with a vision to develop new uses and potential applications to new areas and to find new functions.We are developing and producing these pharmaceutical intermediates at our Fukui Site.
The Fukui Site has the newest and most-advanced facilities in accordance with GMP standards.
We are also planning to develop and produce highly reliable pharmaceutical bulks in the near future.

Circulatory system agents

We supply lots of the intermediates for the diuretic and antithrombotic agent in addition to the antihypertensive, diabetes and lipid-lowering agent in lifestyle disease.

Respiratory system agents

We supply the intermediate for the new type of the antiasthmatic agent which has a restraint operation of bronchus shrinkage.

Antiviral agents

We supply the intermediates of the non-nucletic acid type reverse transcriptase inhibitor and the protease inhibitor for HIV.

Central nervous system agents

We supply the intermediates for the tranquilizer and anti-Parkinson disease.