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Agrochemical Intermediates and Bulks

Agrochemical Intermediates and Bulks

We produce more than 20 agrochemical intermediates and bulks in three areas -- herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides. We sell these agrochemical intermediates and bulks to agrochemical manufacturers to many such overseas manufacturers in the United States, Europe, and other countries. We have obtained high evaluations and trust from the United States and countries in Europe, which are very strict about environmental standards.
Our Wakayama Site, which is our production base for agrochemical intermediates and bulks, has a system by which it can rapidly respond to large quantity orders of several hundred tons and safely supply high quality products.


We have a variety of the bulks of fungicides to prevent blast and sheath blight disease for rice, rust for fruites and clubroot for vegitables.


We provide the bulks of miticides for the wide range of the crops.


We provide lots of the intermediates for herbicides which are used for soybean, paddy rice and peanut. And we also provide the herbicide intermediates for non-farm land such as the golf course.