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Functional Chemicals

Functional Chemicals

Functional chemicals are used in various industrial fields. It is the third pillar of our company’s business, following pharmaceutical and agrochemical intermediates and bulks. We offer functional chemicals covering a wide field of applications from electronic materials of monomers used in semiconductor photoresists to display materials used in liquid crystal and organic EL, recording dyes for CD and DVD, and monomers for electric conductive resins. And we are also developing products in the dental and cosmetics field, new areas for us.
The potentioal for these products is expanding more and more. In the future we will strengthen our marketing in leading areas, and challenge the development of original, high value-added products.

Electronic materials

Our photoresist monomer for the semiconductor manufacturing clears the severe specifications with high quality and free of metal.


We can provide the transparent resin monomer for cars and cell phones. As our original high-value-added products, we are developing epoxy resin monomers which are expected for LED adhesive.

Information recording materials

We supply the functional dyes for the opticcal recording materials such as CD and DVD.


We established the original manufacturing technology of the Vitamin C derivative for the skin-whitening cosmetics.