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Key Technology

Combining Unique Organic Synthetic Technologies to Supply
the Most Appropriate Processes for Customers

Combining Unique Organic Synthetic Technologies to Supply the Most Appropriate Processes for Customers

From our wealth of experience as a custom manufacturer, we have accumulated a great store of various reactive technologies including oxidation, reduction, Grignard reaction, various types of halogenation and cyanation reaction. Among intermediate manufacturers in Japan, these technologies are at the top level. Recently we have also been making active use of new technologies, such as optical refraction, asymmetric synthesis, and ultra-low temperature reactions. By bringing together such a wide range of organic synthesis technologies, we have been able to develop products efficiently that respond to our customers’ diverse, sophisticated needs.

Sugai Chemical’s Major Reaction Technologies

Low Temperature Reaction

Response at low temperatures of -20 to -30°C is possible. In the future, we will introduce equipment that can respond at -78°C.

Grignard Reaction

We have established production technology for Grignard reaction that makes various kinds of alkylation possible.

Cyanation Reaction

We have developed production technologies for safe and efficient cyanation. These include technologies for handling NaCN and KCN, and for detoxifying wastewater that contains CN-.
We supply various cyanide compounds.

Reactions Using Metal Sodium

We handle molten metallic sodium easily and safely. Naturally, with our system of hardware facilities and equipment, along with know-how accumulated over many years, we are able to carry out condensation and reduction reactions.


We are good at reductions. In particular, we have a proven track record of many favorable results with catalytic hydrogenation, which does not harm the environment.

Various Types of Halogenation

We have established production technologies for chlorination, bromination and fluorination, and bromination, and offer various halogenized chemical compounds.

Original Products

Dinaphthothiophene Derivatives

Dinaphthothiophene is a compound with a refractive index of 1.808, which has uncommon high refractive index among organic compounds. 
Various derivatives are currently under development as high refractive index material(Values in parentheses below are refractive index).



As Calixarenes, we produce both S series (n=4,6,8) having a sulfonic group and B series (n=4,6,8) having a tert-butyl group.
And we can also supply CALX-B4EA that is used for quick-drying glues e.t.c. We’ re challenging to develop various kinds of Calixarenes line-up from now.


Decaline Derivatives

We've developed 2DHA (acrylate), 2DHM (methacrylate) and 27DGDHN (glycidyl ether) as high heat-resistant and transparent materials. These Decaline derivatives are expected to be used for optical electronics.

Decaline Derivatives


We are able to supply various tetralone derivatives by making use of our reduction technology. We have received various inquiries about the use of these derivatives as pharmaceutical intermediates.