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Quality assurance system

Building a Consistent, Efficient System from Research and
Development to Industrial Production

Our integrated system, from R&D and testing to industrial production, ensures high reliability in our development and production processes. In research and development we have always been developing original products by accurately grasping customers’ needs through marketing that follows business trends. In our manufacturing bases we have set up pilot factories and developed a system that can respond accurately, flexibly, and rapidly to a wide range of customer needs, from test runs that require units of a few grams to industrial production runs that require dozens of tons.

Fukui Site’s Pharmaceutical Intermediate Production System Allows for a Wide Range of Production Volume from Grams to Dozens of Tons

Research and Development Stage

We respond accurately to many diverse needs from our customers. We also make original proposals to customers that come from the seeds of basic research we have done, and we always work closely with them in carrying out R&D activities.

Pilot Production Stage

We have set up pilot factories for manufacturing test runs at our Fukui Site. We can thoroughly confirm product quality as well as check problems that will come up in full production.

Production Stage

From the delivery of raw materials to completion of a full product, each process is highly controlled. By labor saving for all processes, we have attained the highest productivity and level of quality control in the industry.

Fukui Site’s GMP System: Response from the Gram Level to Dozens of Tons

Company-Wide Acquirement of ISO9001 Certification


To obtain satisfaction and trust from our customers, we have always offered products and services of the highest quality. The whole company, including design departments, has passed the acquirement for the international quality assurance management system, ISO 9001 certification. In the future we will continue to strengthen quality assurance systems company-wide.